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Wrought Iron Decor Austin TX

A Unique Blend of Rugged Durability and Intricate Beauty
Wrought iron traces its ancestry back for centuries and it's as popular today as ever.  And for good reason, its combination of durability and beauty have made wrought iron a favorite of artisans from the middle ages until today.  Wrought iron was introduced to Mexico by Spanish colonists, and later assimilated into the local art and culture.  At Desert Dreams, we bring you some of the finest examples of Mexican wrought iron craftsmanship that can be found anywhere.  Each piece is hand-forged, hammered and shaped to create unique works of art that can be finished in "natural rust" and coated with a clear sealant, or painted to create a one-of-a-kind finish. 

We Specialize in Custom Orders

   In addition to our large on-hand stock of wrought   iron, Desert Dreams also specializes in custom orders.  Let us help you satisfy your unique needs by commissioning a wrought iron craftsman to create a unique art piece or furniture item just for you. Indoors or outdoor furniture or for the wall, whatever your needs may be Desert Dreams has the wrought iron you're looking for. We hope you'll stop by and check out our large selection. See for yourself the variety and craftsmanship of the beautiful art pieces and furniture we have in stock.  If wrought iron is what you're looking for, Desert Dreams has what you want!